Collective Success

This is the reason for our claim of quality and customer oriented service. We are developing innovative products for individual application areas. Patens and sampleslike the worldwide well known otoplastic material THERMOtec® and the electrical drying cushion HEBA®-THERM are international fundamentals. Our products HEBA®THERM opti-TIME and the cleansing sets PUROCLEAN® are extending our array of products furthermore.

T-MIC Otoplastic

Kompromisslos für den Alltag

Advanced Bionics ist der einzige Hersteller, der das patentierte T-Mic Mikrofon anbietet. Das T-Mic wird vor dem Gehörgang platziert und nutzt hierdurch die natürliche Form des Außenohrs, wie ein Normalhörender. Das Ergebnis: besseres und leichteres Hören im Störgeräusch.
Eine maßgefertigte T-Mic Otoplastik sorgt zusätzlich für einen festen Sitz am Ohr.
Ob Kinder beim Spielen und Sport oder aktive Erwachsene, die T-Mic Otoplastik sorgt für ein beruhigendes Gefühl beim Tragen des Cochlear Implantats.

HEBA hat für Advanced Bionics eine Otoplastik entwickelt die diese Ansprüche erfüllt.
Seit den ersten Harmony Prozessoren bis zu den heutigen Naida Prozessoren fertigen wir T-Mic Otoplastiken in den Materialien HEBA®-STARR, HEBA®-CON  und THERMOtec®.



A unique plastic material developed by HEBA especially for earmolds.
The market-leading, successful material for soft-flexible earmolds for years.Physiologically harmless and safety-tested. Tested with excellent results for "dermal irritation", "sensitization" and "cytotoxicity" according to ISO 10993-1 by internationally recognized institutes.

Hard outside the ear (room temperature) - soft in the ear (body temperature).

- provides for dry ears thanks to good dispersion of humidity
- prevents tenderness to pressure caused by movements of th jaw
- seals perfectly - remains permanently elastic
- also suitable for all RIC-systems
- natural wearing comfort with the best skin compatibility
- absolutely tear-proof, no UV-discoloring



THERMOtec® Optimum

... the developed 50-Shore variation of the patented and provenTHERMOtec®-material!
  • much more flexible from the beginning
  • easy to work with
  • checked bio-compatibility
  • remove of moisture even higher
  • very comfortable to wear
  • long-term-elastic and high tensile strength

THERMOtec®-OPTIMUM ... the best alternative to the original!



PUROCLEAN®  is a self-acting cleansing agent, thanks to its high oxygen content. Particularly hygienic because it is used only once.
PUROCLEAN® has been specially adapted to earmolds, therefore neither material nor color change.

HEBAlac am

Antibacterial surfaces for hard otoplastics and hearing aids. NANOlac® makes use of the natural bactericidal and fungicidal of "active Silver" (AgPure). The external layer of every nanoparticle consisting of silver ions develops its effect even in very low quantities.