In 1962 the dentist Paul Peter Bartels has produced the first otoplastic for a chummily acoustican. This was the birth of our company "HEBA-OTOPLASTIK".

HEBA - Your professional and fair partner

The creative development of ideas and a professional handling of materials and modern technologies are leading to top quality products.

Collective Success

Collective success is the reason for our claim of quality and customer oriented service. We are developing innovative products for individual application areas. Patens and sampleslike the worldwide well known otoplastic material THERMOtec® and the electrical drying cushion HEBA®-THERM are international fundamentals. Our products HEBA®THERM opti-TIME and the cleansing sets PUROCLEAN® are extending our array of products furthermore.

Quality Management

Quality Management is an essential part of our daily work process. So we naturally decided to be certified for DIN EN ISO 13485, as also for the medicine product guideline 93/42/EWG.

We are Member of the german assiciation for biological materials and the community of interests for otoplastican laboratories.

HEBA - In-Ear Perfection:

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Innovatively in the development of new techniques and materials
  • Certified quality management
  • Own factory
  • Short ways of communication
  • Fast supply


We answer to all your questions and be all ears for your wishes. Phone: +49 (6022) 681 600 


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Claus-Peter Bartels

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